Stand-Out Scottish Books: Viking Voyagers

Over 1,200 years ago the first Norsemen set sail from Scandinavia on a voyage to raid and to trade. This was the beginning of the legendary Viking Age, so step back in time and joins the Viking Voyagers, as we find out what Viking life was really like.

With graphic, full colour illustrations, author Jack Tite takes us on a voyage of discovery. We explore a traditional Viking longhouse; meet a fearsome berserker, and learn how the Vikings built ships that could cross seas and oceans.

Viking Voyagers

Viking Voyagers

Packed full with colourful Viking characters and artefacts, Tite’s engaging text, detailed illustrations, and stunning fold-out pages, Viking Voyagers is a wonderful introduction to the Viking world.

About the Author:

Jack Tite is an author, illustrator, and motion designer. His work is influenced by vintage and mid-century illustrators, and has been inspired by his interest in prehistoric wildlife, and European and American history.

Tite’s first book, Mega Meltdown, was published in 2018, and tells the amazing story of the weird, wonderful, and enormous animals, which lived through the Ice Age. Viking Voyagers is his much anticipated follow-up

Viking Voyagers is available in hardback, and can be ordered from Lomond Books if you click here

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