Stand-Out Scottish Books: Destination NC500


Presenting the most in-depth, relatable, and picturesque guidebook to the North Coast 500 on the market -
this is Destination NC500.


“Your book is fantastic. I am not much of a reader and cannot put this book down. Just bought our 1st ever camper and so excited.
Can’t wait to visit some of the spectacular places you have talked about in your book. Well done!”


The North Coast 500 coastal route ties all that Scotland has to offer into one epic road trip. The incredible beauty of the remote and unforgiving highlands of Scotlands make it one of the most unique places on Planet Earth, a definite bucket-list location for any traveller. Plan the NC500 road trip like never before with this in-depth and relatable travel guide, detailing where to eat, where to stay, essential road trip information, and over 100 of the top sights that cannot be missed - an unforgettable adventure! 

During the research for this book, Campbell and Gemma spent two months living on the route, turning over every rock and leaf to make sure that they included all of the best-hidden sights and attractions that the NC500 has to offer.



“This is a fantastic book that details a fantastic journey through some of Scotland’s most inspiring scenery.
An absolute joy to read. Makes you want to do it, and makes you feel like you’re already there. Wonderful.”



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