Stand-Out Scottish Books: A Handbook of Scotland’s Coasts

Scotland has a remarkable 6,160 miles (9,910 km) of extraordinary coastline, and if you include all of Scotland’s islands the figure goes up to a staggering 10,250 miles (16,500 km). To celebrate this amazing geography, this April sees the publication of a completely revised and updated edition of Fi Martynoga’s A Handbook to Scotland’s Coasts.

A Handbook of Scotland's Coasts
A Handbook of Scotland’s Coasts

With stunning geology, diverse marine and bird life, historic fishing ports, mouth-watering cuisine, ancient monuments, and coastal traditions going back centuries, this is the ultimate companion to Scotland’s coasts.

A Handbook to Scotland’s Coasts is an essential guide for beachcombers, walkers, wildlife lovers, birdwatchers, foragers, fossil-hunters, and anyone interested in how the unique geography of Scotland’s coastline has shaped, and continues to shape, the history of Scotland.

New edition to coincide with Year of Coasts & Waters 2020

About the Author:

Fi Martynoga is environmentalist, journalist, and writer, renowned for her knowledge and expertise in nature, sustainability, and Scottish history.
She is the author of three widely praised handbooks – Scotland’s Wild Harvests, Scotland’s Trees, and Scotland’s Coasts.

A Handbook of Scotland’s Coasts is published in paperback in April, and can be ordered from Lomond Books if you click here

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