Stand-out Scottish Book - Skye: Cloud Island

We've just received this unique photography collection by Morten Hansen of one of Scotland's most popular destinations - the Isle of Skye.

Skye: Cloud Island

Skye: Cloud Island

Ever since it was named by Viking explorers as 'Skio', cloud island, it has been known as much for its reputation as the misty isle, for its clouds, rain and other vaporous conditions, as for spectacular scenery,

This collection explores and celebrates the landscape of Skye at its 'cloudiest magnificence'. Photographer Hansen believes that Skye's predominantly sombre weather conditions enhance the natural beauty of the island, one described as 'a place of cloud, mist, mountains, fairies and stupendous views'.

The book is presented in three chapters - Sea, Land and Sky. Text throughout is minimal, essential but engaging captions only, allowing the full page photographs to really sing.

It's an awe inspiring book that truly reflects the wonder of this island. A must-have for your shelves.

Skye: Cloud Island is available from Lomond here

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