Getting around the city with Quickmaps

As the season marches on, our big cities are getting busier and busier. We have some fantastic maps in the range for visitors to Glasgow and Edinburgh from Quickmap Limited that are perfect pick-ups for your stores.



These simple and easy to use maps have a clear purpose - showing visitors what to see and how to get there.

On one side, the city map is ideal for walking with the appropriate street level detail. On the reverse, an area wide map shows transport options - bus, train, tram etc. - so that journeys can be quick and efficient, leaving more time to enjoy the sites.

City areas and quarters are identified, with brief descriptions and characterizations.

Pocket maps for visitors and tourists

Pocket maps for visitors and tourists

These compact maps have a ziggurat fold - this means they're easy to open and close with ease without mis-folding. When folded, the maps are small enough for the pocket or wallet, being about the same size as a smartphone. Each has a colourful cover to protect the map when not in use, making them an attractive option for your customers.

With a low cover price of just £2.95, these Quickmaps are just the thing for visitors and tourist on day trips and city breaks. Both are available from Lomond now, and we can also supply a small counter pack on request.

Edinburgh Capital City Quickmap is on the website here

Glasgow Great City Quickmap is on the website here

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