Stand-out Scottish Book - Granny & the Wild Haggis

Now in our special value range with a selling price of just £3.99, this hilarious children's book is a superb buy.

Granny & the Wild Haggis

Granny & the Wild Haggis

David McNiven has a uniquely funny, rhyming style, that became popular in his previous collection of stories Granny and the Loch Ness Monster.

In this book for younger children, the mystery of the haggis is revealed...

"What is a haggis? Every year millions of people visiting Scotland ask this very question, and the answers they get are very often confusing!

Granny is having none of that nonsense though - haggis is made of minced meat and vegetables, of course.

That is, until she pops one in the pan and finds it eating all the vegetables..."

Comedic chaos ensues as Granny tries to catch the haggis. This will be a surefire hit with children and adults at story time.

Granny & the Wild Haggis is available from Lomond now.

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