Stand-out Scottish Book - To the Edge of the World

New into our range of fiction for older children is this lovely story set in around St Kilda. It's a story of courage, friendship and survival that is packed with gripping sea adventure and heart-stopping action.

Julia Green's lyrical style perfectly captures the atmosphere of this remote outpost as her characters battle the Scottish elements on their dangerous voyage to St Kilda.

Here's the blurb -

To the Edge of the World

To the Edge of the World

'Imagine a tiny island far out in the Atlantic Ocean off the west coast of Scotland. On some days you can hardly see where the sea ends and the land begins, everything merged in a blue-grey mist of sea spray and wind-blown sand. There is nothing between here and America. I say nothing, but what I mean, of course, is nothing but ocean. About And about sixty-five kilometers out to sea, one last remote outcrop of islands and sea stacks, with the highest sea cliffs anywhere in the UK... St Kilda. Distant, desolate, and difficult to reach. The islands at the edge of the world...

Jamie had thought that if he could just reach the boat then he could convince Mara to stay, but now he was on board and along for the ride. There was no going back, they were in this together.

A new life, a fearless friend, a wild sea adventure...'

This is an obvious choice for those of you along the north west coast, but it's sure to have a wider appeal across Scotland. Julia Green's previous novel Wilderness War was well received and style is popular with young readers up and down the country.

To the Edge of the World is in stock and available to order now.

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