Braveheart - Twenty Years On

This year marks twenty years since Mel Gibson's famous cries for freedom with the European release of blockbuster movie Braveheart. It's no surprise then that there are a couple of great new books on the way in February about William Wallace; one for kids and one for adults -

Wallace & Bruce: Two Scottish Heroes

This new addition to the popular Scotties series is produced for kids by National Museums Scotland. It tells the story of Scotland between 1249 and 1371 taking in the Scottish Wars of Independence, William Wallace and the Battle of Stirling Bridge, and Robert the Bruce and the decisive Battle of Bannockburn. Children will find out all about the 'Maid of Norway', John Balliol, the Ragman Roll and the Stone of Destiny too.

Published February 2015, RRP £6.99 - stock code 47528

Tales of Sir William Wallace

Chronicles of the life and exploits of William Wallace based on the 15th century poem The Wallas by Blind Harry. In this book, author Tom Scott re-writes the famous work into English prose making it accessible for any reader. According to Scott, 'the merit of Blind Harry's work is uniqueness, with passages of excellent poetry here and there, its general standard of versification and the noble tone to most of it, which makes it a foundation work of Scottish poetry, and one of the sources of Wallace traditions, however imperfect.'

Published February 2015, RRP £7.99 - stock code 47592

There are of course a number of other excellent titles on William Wallace available too, which you can find in our Famous Scots section here!

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