Green Camping Book, The (May)

Green Camping Book, The


Planet earth is in crisis. Climate change is affecting everyone, and everyone has a responsibility to do all they can to make things better, including campers and campervanners. In fact, it often falls to us to protect our spaces and fight to keep them the way we like them. This book shows us how we can do it. The Green Camping Book signposts you towards making more sustainable choices about kit, where to stay, how to travel, what to wear, and what we can keep doing to fight for green spaces we love. It is a book for people who want to reduce their impact and carbon footprint but don't want to stop exploring. It is for people who want to get out, off the sofa, and into the wilderness without doing it further damage. It is for people who think they could do more, but don't know how. It asks of everyone who likes spending time outdoors to think about their impact and to take urgent, important steps to soften their footprint on the world.
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