Fatal Duty: Cop Killers, Killer Cops & More (Jul)

Fatal Duty: Cop Killers, Killer Cops & More


Fatal Duty details those police officers killed while on duty in Scotland through acts of violence or in accidents from 1812 to 1952; and those, where known, who were responsible for their deaths - 'Cop Killers'. The time period covered by this book is one in which policing was at its most perilous: constables patrolled alone and at night with only a wooden baton for protection and a whistle to attract assistance if attacked. This is a time before police patrol cars, radio, helicopters, drones, armed response units, riot police and specialised equipment became everyday resources. The book also includes those police officers whose actions, be they accidental or murderous design, resulted in killing - 'Killer Cops'. And more...
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