Last of The Line

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  • John MacKay
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When Cal MacCarl gets a phone call to his bachelor flat in Glasgow asking him to come to the bedside of his aunt Mary, dying miles away on the Isle of Lewis, he embarks on a journey of discovery. With both his parents dead, his aunt Mary is his only remaining blood link. He leaves the fast-paced life of the city for the Outer Hebrides, where traditional values and beliefs are adhered to and respected. It is a life he neither belongs to nor understands. When she goes he will be the last of the family line and he couldn't care less. Family and history are just bonds to tie him down. Reluctantly, he sets out to do his duty and stumbles across questions that challenge everything he ever knew about himself and the people from whom he came. In the days between his aunt's death and funeral he is drawn into the role of genealogy detective. In a place where everyone knows everything about everybody, Cal finds that secrets are buried deep. Mairi, a young widow, knows far more than she is willing to tell. Kate Anna, hi

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