Old Findhorn & Kinloss (Apr)

Old Findhorn & Kinloss


The Morayshire village of Findhorn is situated on the Moray Firth at the eastern end of Findhorn Bay. The village was originally a mile away and was an import international port in the 17th century until shifting sands blocked the harbour requiring the village to be relocated. The present-day village was also an important commercial and fishing port until the late 19th century. A branch railway to it failed terribly, though, and had been built, operated and dismantled by the mid-1870s. As ships got bigger, Findhorn lost its coastal and international sea trade. Today it is a bonny village with a superb beach attracting visitors and holidaymakers. The photos in the book have detailed captions and are mainly from the first decades of the 20th century and show Findhorn as it was before WW2 when it was still essentially a village of retired and working fishing families. The book’s last few pages are devoted to Kinloss, which has a 12th-century abbey but is better known for its airfield.
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