Dying to Live:Story of Grant McIntyre (Jun)

Dying to Live: Story of Grant McIntyre


At the start of 2020, Grant McIntyre was a fit and healthy 49-year-old consultant and Professor of Orthodontics. At the end of March, life changed suddenly for the McIntyre family as Grant tested positive for COVID-19 and was admitted to hospital for the third time in a week with his life held in the balance. Nobody knew what was to come and even the doctors did not have any answers. As the days went on, the news became darker. Grant's body's cytokine storm immune response nearly killed him. He suffered multi-organ failure, a collapsed lung and sepsis. He spent nearly 50 days onlife support which no one, not even the doctors expected him to survive. As his condition deteriorated, death looked almost certain. This is the story of his horrific journey back to life. To date, Grant remains the sickest survivor of COVID-19 in Scotland. The book will open your eyes to the personal story of a family who despite all the odds, with the help of the incredible NHS, were victorious in the conquest of Covid-19.
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