Outlander Kitchen 2 (STC) (Jan)

Outlander Kitchen 2


Professional chef and founder of Outlander Kitchen, Theresa Carle-Sanders returns with another hallmark cookbook--one that dexterously adapts traditional recipes for hungry, modern appetites. Interpreted with a spirit of generous humor and joyous adventure, the recipes herein are a mixture of authentic old-worldreceipts from Scottish settlers, new-world adaptations inspired by the cuisine of indigenous peoples, and humorously delicious character-inspired dishes--all created to satisfy your hunger and insatiable craving for everything Outlander, and with the modern kitchen in mind. With vivid, full-color photographs and a plethora of extras--including preserves, condiments, cocktails, and pantry basics--Outlander Kitchen: To the New World and Back Again is the highly anticipated follow-up to the immersive culinary experience that inspired thousands of Outlander fans to discover and embrace their inner chefs!
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  • Theresa Carle-Sanders
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