Stirling Castle for Kids (JUN)

Stirling Castle for Kids (Mar22)


The definitive children's guide to one of Scotland's largest and most important castles. The history of Stirling Castle is the history of Sotland, and this fun, fact-packed book tells it all. Readers will: -Discover why the castle was so important to Scottish heroes William Wallace and Rober the Bruce. -Experience fun and games - spectacular feasts, jousting tournaments and a fierce game of football. -Meet its important royal residents - Mary Queen of Scots and James V. -Uncover the castle's gruesome and surprising secrets. Mixing brilliant factsa nd enjoyable activities, Stirling Castle for Kids is the ultimate guide for kids to one of Scotland's most important castles - whether they've visited or not.
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  • 9781782507116
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  • Moreno Chiacchiera
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