Wee Book o' Pure Stoatin' Joy

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  • 9781916491588
  • 1 Author
  • Susan Cohen
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  • The Wee Book Company
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  • PB

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Thaur's nae big secret tae feelin' foo' o' the joys, it's a feelin' we can a' generate by wursels. So dinnae fash! Park yer erse doon in yer favourite chair an' relax. Let this Wee Book be yer best friend fur a while. Let it melt a' warm an' toasty in yer haunds an' let it wrap itsel' roond her heart lik' a furry worm. It's foo o' guid stuff an' it'll remind ye o' jist how easy it is tae git yer heid lifted an' yer heart swellin'.

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