Ma Wee Book o' Gettin' Sh*te Done (Oct)

Ma Wee Book o' Gettin' Sh*te Done (Oct)

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  • 9781916491540
  • 1 Author
  • Susan Cohen
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  • The Wee Book Company
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In the auld days, fowk didnae huv computers an' phones an' tellies an' a' that mince nippin' their nappers. Life wus sae much simpler. Noo we huv a hunner things rattlin' roond wur heids drivin' us doo-chuffin-lally, makin' us stressed thiit we cannae park wur erses an' focus oan the stuff we huv tae git oan wi'! We end up runnin' roon in cirles lik' wee scabby dugs chasin' their ain bahookies! Well, nae mair! This Wee Book is gaun tae help us git it a' done wi' a laff an' a joke an' a muckle great grin a' o'er wur fizzers. Crackin!

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