Kittiwake Walks In the Woodlands Of Mid & North West Wales

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27 Walks/40 pages North and Mid Wales are blessed with some fantastic tracts of woodland. This is especially so in Mid Wales, away from the rugged grandeur of the mountains of the North. Here the many deep valleys and tumbling streams give trees the ideal habitat for growth. You will find both deciduous and coniferous varieties with one of the most amazing trees being the indigenous Sessile Oak. Whilst tending not to be very tall they counter this by having many contorted branches. Looking surreal in certain lighting conditions they seem to be from an alien land. The woods sport lovely wild flowers, especially in spring. In autumn the colours in deciduous woods are vibrant. Fungi and mushrooms are very common whilst in the more dense woods ferns and mosses, of many different types, flourish in the damp atmosphere. Misty sunlight filtering through the leaves and branches gives a mystical aura of a far off land.

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