Breadboy: Teenage Kicks and Tatey Bread


It s Belfast, 1977. The King is dead and a 14-year-old boy wearing Denim aftershave has just been appointed breadboy in the last Ormo Mini-Shop in the world, delivering bread to the residents of the Upper Shankill on Saturday mornings. He s all grown up now, so he is, and nearly shaving.The Bee Gees fill the airwaves, everyone is in love with Princess Leia, and Breadboy s love of peace and pets is soon rivalled by his interest in parallel universes and punk . . . and girls, especially Judy Carlton who sits opposite him in chemistry. Sooner or later, Breadboy is sure they ll become a proper couple like Paul and Linda, and Judy will be his girl.There are rivals at school and dangers on the streets, but Breadboy is hopeful, so he is. He is a good Breadboy. He delivers.
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  • Tony Macaulay
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