Whisky Wars, Riots and Murders (May)

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Whisky Wars, Riots and Murders is a fascinating account of life as it really was in the Highlands and Islands of the 19th century. this vivid collections shows how these remote and seemingly peaceful parts of Scotland were in fact more violent than you might ever have imagined. Whisky Wars, riots and Murders goes behind the facade of romantic tartan and vast estates. there was the usual quota of petty thefts and assaults, but the Highlands also had a coastal town where riots ere endemic, an island rocked by a triple murder, a mob beseiging the jail at Dornoch and religious troubles on the Black Isle. Not to mention the charming thief who targeted tourist hotels and the exciseman who was hanged for forgery! Her, the hidden history of the Highlands and Islands is unearthed in all its unique and terrible detail.

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