Secret Inverness (Jul)

Secret Inverness


Inverness can date its origin back to Pictish times, however there is exidence of the area being habited as long ago as 1500 BC, giving the city a long and often forgotten history. The city also has connections with many major figure's from Scotland's past - St Columba, who 'tamed' the fabled Loch Ness Monster, MacBeth, who lived in a castle in the city, and King David 1st who build the first stone castle on the site of the earlier timber stonghold. The city grew to become an important trading port, bringing conflict from the Vikings and Clan MacDonals, the Earls of the Isle. despite this the city continued to grow, and due to its remoteness was noteable for not bowing to the powers of the country. Here author Gregor Stewart pulls back the curtains and peers into the distant and not so distant past of the Captial of the Highlands.
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