Tarantula Tales: Hare & Tortoise

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  • 9781910680797
  • 1 Author
  • Judy Hamilton
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  • Geddes & Grosset
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  • HB

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The hare in the forest is always boasting, and on this day he says he can run the fastest of all the animals in the forest, and challenges the other animals to a race. None of the others will race him, except the tortoise. The gentle and sensible tortoise sets off in the race, and the hare rushes off, laughing at the tortoise. Most people know how this story ends, and Judy Hamilton tells the story charmingly in this edition.This classic fable is originally by Aesop who lived in Ancient Greece in 620 BC. The story has changed through time, and has many re-tellings, but today we interpret the story as one of using ingenuity and skill to overcome boastful, or difficult people and bullies.

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