Seaweed in the Kitchen (RPND)

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Although seaweed is now all the rage, because we have been reading about it and eating Japanese food, it has long been an important ingredient in Britain too, even if many of us don't recognise it as such. Just think of laver bread. Seaweed suppliers are becoming easier to find, but if you need some really quicky a walk on your local beach will deliver the goods just as well. This book has four strands, an account of seaweed species that flourish here; a discussion of our use of seaweed over time, and in regional cookery, an assessment of the physical properties of seaweed and how they might contribute to a healty diet, and a set of recipes. These last are not merely for boiling up dulse, or steaming kelp, but offer imaginative solutions to incorporating seaweed into our daily fare: brown bread icecream, fudge, curry, dried seaweed biscuits, seaweed seasoning powder, water biscuits with rock samphire, seaweed croutons, seaweed treacle tart and many more.

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