Maw Broon's Remedies an' Suchlike

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No. 10 Glebe Street and the But an’ Ben have seen more spills, stains, ailments and heard more moans and grumbles than most homes, as Maw’s houseful of Broons go about their daily lives. Maw always knows how to soothe a skinned knee or a stingy nettle and how to deal with most problems that occur, but more often than not the best way to tackle a problem is often to sit and have a wee cup of tea and a think! Maw has made a wee book with some of her remedies, some clipped from the papers and magazines and stuck in her old ‘housewife’s’ diary that she found, that had some space in it, and others jotted down, just so she doesn’t forget, and there are some that have made her smile. - FLOWER REMEDIES; THE LANGUAGE OF FLOWERS; MAKE YOUR OWN MIDGIE REPELLANT; RELIEVING STINGS; HOW TO STOP PAW FROM SNORIN’; ALL SORTS OF STAIN REMOVAL; HOW TO REDUCE FLATULENCE; HOW THE MENFOLK DODGED POLISHING THE CUTLERY; THE BROONS’ REMEDY FOR INSOMNIA; VINEGAR IS MAGIC! HERBAL REMEDIES AND LOTS MORE.

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