MacLean's Miscellany of Whisky (RPND)

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  • 9781906251741
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  • Charles MacLean
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In these pages are all you need to know to appreciate the world's finest spirit, and Scotland s most generous gift to the world. How has whisky changed over the past hundred years and why? What gives it its beautiful amber colour? How do its simple ingredients water, barley, yeast and perhaps a whiff of peat come together to produce such a diversity of flavours? What changes have taken place in distilling, and bottling, and marketing the 'Water of Life'? Why have some distilleries closed, while others have flourished? How should Scotch be best enjoyed? Are there really three degrees of drunkenness? Wide ranging in its scope, yet served up in easily digestible portions, liberally spiced with quirky and unusual stories and quotations, MacLean's Miscellany of Whisky delves seams which have been previously ignored, opens up long-closed galleries. Elegant and informative, this is a book which will be consumed in appreciative sips by anyone with an interest in good drink and good living.

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