Life On The Railway

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The first steam locomotive chuffed its way down the tracks in 1804, but it was not until 1830, with the opening of the Liverpool & Manchester Railway, that the Railway Age really got under way. There followed a period of huge expansion by the 1850s almost 8,000 miles of track had been built in Britain. Almost all the work was done by hand by the great army of navvies, living rough in shanty towns and doing phenomenally hard and dangerous work. A steam locomotive is a complex machine, requiring a great deal of skill. Conditions in the early days were harsh: footplates were open to the elements; boilers exploded; signalling was primitive and collisions not uncommon. The railways were of huge importance to the country and were major employers: as early as 1847, there were over 50,000 men at work who took immense pride in what they did: if you worked on the railway you were somebody. This is their story.

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