Gathering Stream: The Story of the Moray Firth

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The Moray Firth is the large triangle of sea that cuts into the north east of Scotland. The Vikings called it Breidafjodr, and the the Gaels it is Linne Mhoraibh. Once a centre of Pictish power it became with its adjoining coasts a contested region, as Gaels, Norsemen, Norman knights, royal dynasties and clan warlords fought to win control of its fertile soil, its grain and its timber, its cattle and fish, while burgh merchants struggled to maintain trade links with the rest of Britain and Europe. Now the Firth is a test-bed for the economies of the future - renewable energy from wind farms, green tourism, and the sustainable exploitation of natural resources. In this sweeping, fast-paced account of the Firth over the last 2000 years, James Miller explores how the great shifts in Scottish history and culture have impacted on its shores and people, and how time has acted to gather disparate heritages into one.

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