Doddie's Diary (Oct)

Doddie's Diary


When he was diagnosed with MND in 2016, Doddie Weir’s life suddenly took a completely new direction. The public response to the news was so overwhelming that, totally unexpectedly, Doddie instantly became a talisman and standard-bearer for those desperately seeking a cure or some way to halt Motor Neuron Disease. It was a platform he has been determined to use to the max. For the last five years, Doddie has lived life at full tilt, tirelessly raising money for his My Name'5 Doddie Foundation while at the same time living with a disease that is debilitating, unpredictable and incurable. Having now achieved the major life goal of turning 50 – a day some thought he may never see – and having collected numerous honours and awards during that time, Doddie now tells the incredible inside story of what life has really been like over an astonishing five years during which he has met remarkable people, done amazing things and raised awareness as well as nearly £10m in a massive fundraising effort, funds that have gon
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