Great Britain Road Atlas 2022 Handy A5 Spiral (AZ) (May)

Great Britain Road Atlas 2022 Handy A5 Spiral (AZ)


A compact A5-size full colour, spiral bound road atlas, now fully revised and updated. Clear detailed road mapping at a mainland map scale of 5 miles to 1 inch. Easily stored in a glove box or door pocket. Instantly recognizable and easy to use, the road mapping has been specifically tailored for the smaller scale featuring: Clear standard road classification colours for easy identification, Motorway junction symbols, Under construction and proposed roads, Primary route destinations, Service areas, National and county boundaries and A wide range of tourist and ancillary information, including Blue Flag Beaches. Includes • Mileage chart • Channel Tunnel terminus maps • Index to cities, towns, villages, hamlets and major destinations • Map reference information also in French and German. Lies flat when open
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