Trees, Leaves, Flowers & Seeds (Mar)

Trees, Leaves, Flowers & Seeds


We can't live without plants. We need them for food, shelter, even the air we breathe, yet we know surprisingly little about them. Why do thistles bristle with spines? How do some plants trap and eat insects? Did you know there are trees more than 5,000 years old? Trees, Leaves, Flowers & Seeds explores the mysterious world of plants to find the answers to these and many more questions. This picture-packed encyclopedia shows a wonderful variety of plants, from fantastic ferns to spiky cacti. It explores the diverse habitats of plants, herbs and spices that make our food tasty, and even how astronuats grow plants in space. It also takes a fun, more sideways look at some truly weird and wonderful plants, including leaves that are home to frogs, orchids that look like parrots, and seeds that spin like helicopters.
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