Big British Railway Puzzle Book, The (Oct)

Big British Railway Puzzle Book, The


The Big British Railway Puzzle Book is must-buy gift book for Christmas for puzzle book fanatics, train and travel enthusiasts, history buffs, and the people up and down the country who love their heritage and their regional identity! Featuring a treasure-trove of puzzles about railways and locomotives, using maps, old routes and tracks, engineering designs and all things that delight train lovers, the book also includes mind-boggling brainteasers, navigational tests, word games, code-crackers, anagrams, crosswords, mathematical conundrums and a murder mystery. As well as having over 100 mind-bending puzzles, the book contains historical facts and figures, trivia, and introductions to each section authored by Dr. Thomas Spain, a research associate at the National Railway Museum, about the history of the British Railways.
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