If It's Broon It's Cooked, If It's Black It's Buggert! (Oct)

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  • 9781913237011
  • 1 Author
  • Susan Cohen
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  • The Wee Book Company
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  • PB

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Noo, this is a book tha's a REAL cracker! This Recipe Journal has it a'! Funny wee stories, jokes, poems an' plenty o' room fur yer ain kitchen recipes. This is a book tha's gaun tae appeal tae everywan who fancies theirsel's as a corden bloo … cauldoan blue … cordoan blooue … hey diddly doo chef in their ain kitchen. This book is produced by The Wee Book Fowk. They're all about producing books in broad Scots which huv a big dollop of common sense and an even bigger dollop of outrageous Scots humour. This Book will appeal to all ages

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