Now That's What I Call a Big Feckin' Irish Book

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Do you know your “Doss Artists” from your “Doxies?” Want to give someone a piece of your mind with a wicked insult like, “You’re as useful as an ashtray in a force-10 gale?” Find all that and more in this riotous, fascinating guide to Irish culture. It includes: Twenty-five of the most popular Irish surnames: where they originated, what they mean, and all that oul’ blarney Enough Irish slang to pepper your conversations with and impress your friends Tried and tested Irish insults that are as wicked as they are craic A gansey-load of fascinating facts and interestingIrish trivia There is even a chapter filled with age-old Irish proverbs that will ensure you’ll never be short of a few wise words. Get reading or you’ll be in rag order!

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