Lost Tramways of Scotland: Aberdeen (Mar)

Lost Tramways of Scotland: Aberdeen


Aberdeen - the granite city - was to play host to two electric tramways: the corporation's services within the city, which survived until 1958, and the short-lived services operated by the Aberdeen Suburban Tramways Co. Acquiring modern trams in the late 1940s, Aberdeen was perceived as one of the safest of British tramways in the post-war years but even here the diesel bus was to take-over. - The Lost Tramways of Scotland series documents the tram networks which were at the heart of many of Britain's growing towns and cities from the mid-19th century to the mid-20th century. - Transport expert Peter Waller, author of numerous works on the regional tram systems of the UK, guides the reader along the route of the network and discusses its key features stop by stop. - As well as rigorously detailed transport history, these volumes provide an intimate glimpse into life as it was lived during this period, and the recognisable streets which have been maintained or transformed through the decades.
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