Survival Game, The

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  • Nicky singer
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This is a searing and timely story, and one which will be loved by both adult and young readers alike. Mhairi Anne Bain owns only two things: a gun with no bullets and her identity papers. The world is now a shell of what it once was. Now, you must prove yourself worthy of existence at every turn, at every border checkpoint. Mhairi has leanred the importance of living her own story, and of speaking to no one. But whenshe meets a young boy with no voice at all, she finds herself rising everything to take him to safety. And so Mhairi and the silent boy travel the road north - but many things in Scotland have changed since she's been away. What Mhairi finds is shocking and heartbreaking, but might finally reconnect her to her sense of self and to the possibility of love.

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